COMING SOON! New console components from Organtechnology

Keydesk_Ikea_Bekant_V3_v8February 21, 2016 Plano, Texas Everybody needs to start somewhere in their quest for their own Hauptwerk Virtual Organ.  Once the sounds of the great organs of the world are heard via Hauptwerk and the realization of the possibility of ownership dawns, the next thought is usually like Will Smith in "Independence Day,     "I gotta get me one of these!" The place to start is a set of keyboards resting on top a simple table and perhaps a pedal board underneath, fKey Stackind a used bench and play, right? Well not quite. The AGO specifications for pipe organ consoles says the table top needs to be a certain height so that the keyboard keys are sitting at the correct height above the pedal board and the pedal board needs to be placed just so underneath the keyboards and you begin to see why the special piece of furniture called a console came into being. Introducing the Organtechnology table top organ component set. Yes I know it's not really an original idea is it but the way we get there is definitely unique.  The table itself is created from an IKEA Bekant frame (modified by us) which supports a custom table top designed to hold three manuals with key cheeks and music stand, with sufficient room for 17" LCD monitors. To make room for the AGO pedalboard width, the frame is "stretched" so that the width between the feet is sufficient to fit the pedalboard width. Keydesk_Ikea_Bekant_V1The most exciting prospect is that after purchasing the components it will be possible to use them when purchasing the Organtechnology console base and use the table top component and the key cheek component to create a complete Organtechnology modular console. We are enthusiastic about the idea and would like to hear your comments as well.
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