Our Paramount 341 in the Trio 322 cabinet is ready!


The Paramount 341 in the Trio console.

The White Trio cabinet has a new tenant.  After more than a year of refinishing, cabinetry and electronic construction, the Paramount 341 is ready to play.

This transformation was implemented with a combined effort from Ron Bennett and Thomas Gentry to provide a VTPO we could play and 'play with', use as a demo for the introduction to Hauptwerk VPOs and generally just have lots of fun with it.


The original Rodgers Trio 322 Theatre Organ console. Affectionately known as "The White Elephant"


The Paramount 341 with the original Trio speaker cabinets. Cabinets have LSR-305 active studio monitors in them now.

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  1. Thomas says:

    The Toy Drawers are now installed and we are looking for ideas on the material to use with a laser printer to produce the labels for the push buttons. Any ideas?

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