Complete Virtual Pipe Organ
When it is time to practice, you want an instument that provides the true sound of the pipe organ in your personal practice environment.  Short of installing a multi-rank pipe organ, the next best way to achieve this is with an Organtechnology Virtual Pipe Organ system.

Just as every pipe organ consists of a console, a control system and the sound generating pipes. An Organtechnology Virtual Pipe Organ (VPO) contains a console, a control system and a pipe organ sound engine. The AGO style console is the most visible portion of the Virtual Pipe Organ. 
The signals from the console control the sound engine module,  in which the recorded sounds of real pipe organ pipes are re-assembled in real time as you play,  to make the pipe organ come alive. This  compact console is possible because of the touch-screen stop jamb system.  .  Multiple high resolution studio monitors fill the room with the sounds of real pipes.

Organtechnology builds  complete Hauptwerk™ based VPOs including an AGO specification console with up to four  61 note manuals, an AGO specification  32 note pedalboard, touchscreen stop jamb(s), Hauptwerk™ based sound generator, and  multi speaker audio systems, all crafted to your requirements and desires.

How much does it cost?  Two manual practice organs start at only$10,000.00.  Send an email to

• Hauptwerk V4 VPO software. (Advanced edition included.)
• Sounds from historic and modern organs sampled pipe by pipe.
• 8 Pipe Organs in stand-by memory - ready to load immediately.
     Organs such as Skinner, Cavaille-Coll, Arp Schnitger & more.
• Temperament of the original organ and multiple historic   
    temperaments as well as equal temperament in same sample set.
• Natural acoustics retained in all wet sample sets.
• Stop by Stop and note by note voicing of the samples.
• Three 61 note velocity sensitive manuals, 16-20 pistons/manual.
• AGO 32 note pedalboard and 8 toe studs on knee board
    or 16 toe studs mounted on optional bolsters.
• Touchstop™ electronic stop jambs and combination action
• Registration sequencer with 999 combination frames per memory.
    64,000 user named memory levels.
• 8-channel professional quality audio reproduction (ASIO) .
• Recording-studio quality powered monitor speakers. 
• Optional 16 or 24 channel audio systems available.
• Private Headphone jacks (4)
• Direct to Disk Recording.
• Furniture quality finished all wood console.
• Deep Cherry, Light Cherry, Dark Brown or Light Maple finish color
• Fits through standard interior doorway with ease. (disassembled)
Practice Organs for home use.

Virtual Pipe Organs in Traditional Worship

Virtual Pipe Organs for Contemporary Worship

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