tech at work

Bob the assembly and wiring tech adding MIDI to a pipe organ keyboard stack.

VPO Organtechnology LLC exists to help organists in their quest for a superior sounding VPO on which to practice and perform, without either breaking the budget or leading the organist into the frustrations of computer and hardware set-up and configration. The VPO Modules and consoles from Organechnology combined with our personal customer service do all of that for you. So you the organist can just play. We take each computer and install and pre-configure Hauptwerkâ„¢ and the St Anne's Organ (or other sample sets that may also be installed) on the large capacity hard drive along with additional support programs for remote customer service. The exact configuration desired is determined, by you, in consultation with Organtechnology, previous to the time of ordering. This includes the type of computer needed for the repertoire and genre of organ you want to play, programing of the correct MIDI channels accepted by HW to match those of your organ console, thumb piston actions, combination actions and many others. We then test the system using a sequencer to simulate your console's MIDI output. When you receive the Organtechnology Sound Engine you will connect the cables from the MIDI console and those from the audio system per the enclosed instructions, turn it on and play. Thomas J. Gentry, the principal of Organtechnology, has more than 20 years experience in computers, distribution, service, MIDI music and even a bit of theatre organ. Tom was a pioneer in the area of computers known then as Personal Computing devices having built and operated personal computers since before the introduction of the IBM-PC. He now works full time at VPO Organtechnology LLC. Tom is musically inclined having played keyboards in various bands over the years and occasionally plays solo gigs specializing in music from the 1940s era using multi-channel MIDI Big-Band tracks and playing the lead instrument in real time. He plays piano, saxophone, trumpet and flute via various MIDI controllers and also plays acoustic piano and is re-learning theater organ.