A Virtual Pipe Organ for your church.

A Virtual Pipe Organ for a church undergoing final testing. This is a re-purposed console VPO.

Our mission: To provide an affordable virtual pipe organ system that sounds like, plays like and feels like the wind blown pipe organ you may play regularly. We take your tired electronic organ console and make it a modern, modular, MIDI console, we then add an extremely powerful computer loaded with Hauptwerkâ„¢ software, several pipe organ 'sample sets', an audio over Ethernet digital audio system and a recording studio quality multi-speaker system, to provide an outstanding instrument for playing pipe organ music. Because it is a modular, software based organ system, it grows with you and never becomes obsolete. This system requires minimal maintenance and can be serviced by any competent PC technician should the need arise. Organtechnology will provide free guidance and training via remote desktop software for a year after installation.