A Virtual Pipe Organ for your home

3-man TTF console

3-manual TTW console

What makes a Hauptwerk™ VPO sound so good?

The Hauptwerk™ virtual pipe organ system  provides superior realistic pipe organ sound because it is the sound of a real pipe organ. The original pipe organ is sampled pipe by pipe until all of the pipes have been recorded several times and these recordings are assembled into a 'Sample Set'. Then as the keys and pedals of the MIDI console are played, the actual sounds of the original pipe organ are retreived from memory and reproduced by the speakers. It is the recordings of the pipes, the Hauptwerk™ software and the high quality audio reproduction system that makes a Hauptwerk VPO sound so good!

Organtechnology builds complete Hauptwerk™ based VPOs for residence use, using an AGO specification MIDI equipped console (TTW Console) with three or four 61-note organ manuals, an AGO specification 32 note pedal board, Hauptwerk™ based PC sound engine, and high quality multi speaker audio systems, all crafted to your requirements and desires. More

Demo:Now we thank thee all our God - Contrebombarde

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