Re-Purposed Consoles for Home Use

toms_iphone_pics 029Organtechnology also supplies complete Hauptwerk™ based organs installed in re-purposed organ consoles from Allen, Eminent, Rodgers and others.  This allows the organist to keep their familiar keyboards and pedalboard and have them produce the magnificent sounds of real pipe organs by converting the console to a MIDI controller and adding an Organtechnology Sound Engine.3-manual Allen re-purpose We construct a complete Hauptwerk based VPO based on the console you already have for your enjoyment. If you already have a MIDI equipped console or MIDI keyboard stack and pedals, we can provide you with a Hauptwerk based Organtechnology Sound Engine module with the appropriate organ(s) installed to provide the sounds similar to the one at church. The end result is the very real sound of real pipes in your space. We are available to you via email info|@|