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An Organtechnology residence organ

Organtechnology provides affordable virtual pipe organ systems that sound like, play like and feel like a real wind blown pipe organ. We combine a hand-crafted console, an extremely powerful i7 computer, multi-channel sound engine module and recording studio quality speaker systems, to provide  outstanding instruments for playing pipe organ music. Because it is an open source, software based organ system it never becomes obsolete. Please click for more.  

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Allen cabinet, keyboards, toestuds, pistons & pedalboard used in a Hauptwerk based Organtechnology VPO

Magnificent Pipe Organ Sounds to support traditional liturgical worship are made possible by Hauptwerk™ VPO software, powerful computers and very high quality audio systems. The installation of a suitable wind blown pipe organ requires lots of resources. Often more than today's sized average sized parish may be able to provide.  A Hauptwerk VPO can provide this sonic performance at an affordable cost. To do this, we turn your present console into a modern MIDI controller, use a powerful Hauptwerk™ based VPO sound engine computer and provide a multi-channel (6-32ch)  organ audio system to  provide outstanding full range pipe organ sound. Click on the headlinefor More.