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Our mission: To provide an affordable practice organ that sounds like, plays like and feels like the organ played regularly. A hand-crafted all wood modular console, an extremely powerful computer sound module and a recording studio quality speaker system combine to provide an outstanding instrument for playing pipe organ sounds. Because it is a modular, software based organ system, it grows with you and never becomes obsolete. The Hauptwerk™ software and pipe organ sample sets used in Organtechnology organ consoles provide realistic pipe organ sound because the entire pipe organ is sampled pipe by pipe. When the instrument is  played, the actual sounds of the original pipe organ are reproduced in your space.   Organtechnology builds complete Hauptwerk™ based VPOs including an AGO specification console with up to four 61 note manuals, an AGO specification 32 note pedalboard, touchscreen stop jamb(s), Hauptwerk™ based sound generator, and multi speaker audio systems, all crafted to your requirements and desires.  Two manual practice organs with keydesk are $1,000s less than an equivalent used organ. Request your personalized quote at; info|at|organtechnology.com.

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