Practice Organs
Organtechnology supplies complete  Hauptwerk™ based organs including an AGO specification console with optional 'tracker-touch' manuals, an AGO specification  pedalboard, touch screen stop jamb, digital sound generator computer, and multi-speaker audio systems, all crafted to your requirements. 

As a performing organist you want to practice your repertoire on the organ you will use for the performance.  This often means that you must travel some distance to play that instrument.   Now, you can have the pipe organ's sound on your practice organ, with a modestly priced Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ.

We can construct a complete Hauptwerk based VPO for your rehearsal use or if you have a MIDI equipped console or MIDI keyboard stack and pedals, we can provide you with a  Hauptwerk based sound module with the appropriate organ(s) installed to provide the sounds similar to the one at church.  The end result is a very affordable organ that sounds like real pipes are in the room and fits well in your home.

We are available to you either via email or email/telephone. 

Custom designed Organtechnology VPO.
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