Johann Sebastian Bach - Fugue in G Major "Gigue", BWV 577 Click the icon at right to Listen [3:30] (a=420 Hz)  Crisp and bright and fast, this is Bach at his jolliest! The Fugue is basically played on the Rugpositief which couples the Hoofdwerk above, except for echoes on the Hoofdwerk alone and a short middle section with uncoupled manuals. Fancy footwork in the Pedaal presumably gave this fugue its nickname. Midi File available. Instrument: Bosch-Schnitger Organ, Vollenhove/Overijssel (1686/1720) - Samples by Prof. Helmut Maier 

Johann Sebastian Bach - Erbarm dich mein, o Herre Gott, BWV 721 Click to Listen [3:54] Surprisingly comforting music with a gloomy text. The Phantom always found it reassuring at funerals. Subtle rubatos throughout attempt the verisimilitude of a real performer. Young temperament. Instrument: St. Anne's Church, Moseley, Birmingham, England (1874) - Samples by Martin Dyde

Johann Sebastian Bach - Herzlich thut mich verlangen, BWV 727 Click to Listen [1:50] Chorale on Hauptwerk Qvintadena 8' LH, on Oberwerk Gedeckt 8', Pedal Sub-Bass 16', Overall Tremulant. Midi File available. Instrument: The virtual Gottfried Silbermann organ of Großhartmannsdorf (1741) - Samples by PipeLoops