New-Consoles for Residence Organs


A 4-manual Organtechnology VPO ready to go. (Speakers not shown)

Just as every pipe organ consists of a console, a control system and the sound generating pipes. An Organtechnology Virtual Pipe Organ (VPO) contains a console, a control system and a pipe organ sound engine. The AGO style MIDI console is the most visible portion of the Virtual Pipe Organ. The MIDI signals from the console control the sound engine module, in which the recorded sounds of real pipe organ pipes are heard in real time as you play, to make the pipe organ come alive.
Superior Panel Table

The Superior Key Desk Table is made of solid Oak or Cherry with raised panels and custom color.

  When it is time to practice, you want an instument that provides the true sound of the pipe organ in your personal practice environment. Short of installing a multi-rank pipe organ, the next best way to achieve this is with an Organtechnology Virtual Pipe Organ system using either reference quality headphones (AKG-701) or multiple high resolution studio monitor pairs to fill the room with the sounds of real pipes. To Re-purposed Consoles.